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Water Service

Carrollton Utilities water service is available for residential, commercial and industrial customers in the City of Carrollton, Kentucky. Territory exists mainly within the city limits. However, Carrollton Utilities also manages West Carroll Water which serves the area west of the Kentucky River.

Customers outside the city of Carrollton east of the Kentucky River are served by Carroll County Water District #1; phone 502-347-9500.

Meters are the property of Carrollton Utilities and only authorized utility personnel are allowed to get into the vault to turn these meters on and off.

Utility bills are issued around the 10th of each month with a due date of the 20th. We require an application and security deposit for any new service requests. To establish service you must visit our office with a picture ID and payment for the security deposit as required in our rules and regulations.

If you have questions about water services, please call our Customer Service Department at (502) 732-7055 or email