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Water Rates

Monthly Water Rates

Effective July 1, 2022

  Inside CityOutside CityGeneral Butler Ext.2
First1,000 GallonsMinimum
(see below)
(see below)
(see below)
Next4,000 Gallons$5.33 per 1,000$7.20 per 1,000$9.10 per 1,000
Next20,000 Gallons$4.79 per 1,000$6.50 per 1,000$8.40 per 1,000
Next35,000 Gallons$4.26 per 1,000$5.76 per 1,000$7.66 per 1,000
Next40,000 Gallons$3.72 per 1,000$5.03 per 1,000$6.93 per 1,000
Next400,000 Gallons$3.50 per 1,000$4.72 per 1,000$6.62 per 1,000****
Over 500,000 Gallons$3.22 per 1,000$4.35 per 1,000$6.25 per 1,000****
Wholesale Rate$2.14 per 1,000



Westside Water Rates


2,000 Gallons$ 32.15
Next3,000 Gallons$11.36 per 1,000 
Next5,000 Gallons$10.29 per 1,000

10,000 Gallons

$9.21 per 1,000
Next20,000 Gallons$8.17 per 1,000

1Requirement: wholesale customer must maintain an average annual consumption above 1,000,000 gallons per month, per account to be eligible for the wholesale rate.
2Rate applies to General Butler State Park and all other customers served by the General Butler Booster Station and Tank including but not limited to Deer Run Subdivision and Riverwood Subdivision.

Special Minimum Monthly Charges

Meter Size (inches)Inside CityOutside CityGeneral Butler Ext.2
5/8 or 3/4 inch$16.07$21.35$23.25
1 inch$17.86$23.64$25.54
1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch$19.19$25.39$27.29
2 inch$23.85$31.60$33.50
3 inch$31.48$41.71$43.61
4 inch$42.27$56.03$57.93
6 inch$69.73$92.61$94.51

Water Service Installation Charges

(Effective December 1, 2011)

Meter Size (inches) 
5/8" or 3/4" meter$ at cost
1" meter$ at cost
2" or larger$ at cost + 10%

Fire Protection Charges

Sprinkler Systems2" service line to bldg.$7.07 per month
 4" service line to bldg.$37.55 per month
 6" service line to bldg.$48.07 per month
 8" service line to bldg.$167.58 per month
Fire HydrantsFire hydrants maintained by Carrollton Utilities$145.77 per year
 Fire hydrants maintained by customer$116.63 per year