Carrollton Utilities does not anticipate any risk to drinking water after Eastern Ohio chemical spill

Carrollton Utilities' (CU) number one priority is the health of the public.  Part of that work is ensuring drinking water meets all EPA requirements.  Based on the current data available, we do not believe the chemical spill in Eastern Ohio to be any risk to the quality and safety of our drinking water.  Your water is safe to drink.

As has been reported in mulitple news sources, there was a chemical spill after a train derailed on February 3 in East Palestine, Ohio, near the Pennsylvania Border.  As a result of the spill, low levels of butyl acrylate reached the Ohio River through a small tributary.  This chemical is used to produce plastics and resins.

As always, our operators are monitoring the water we use checking for contaminants.  Additionally, CU pulls water from an aquifer, which is an underground river flowing through the sand and bedrock.  The aquifer we use is not affected by the small amounts of butyl acrylate flowing down the Ohio River.  As part of normal operations at CU, there is a Kentucky Division of Water-certified laboratory performing numerous tests and checks daily on drinking water.

Again, we want our customers to know that the water is safe to drink and use.