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Natural gas first became available for public use in 1935 when a private company constructed a 4" gas line from the Carlisle Gas Field near Ghent to Carrollton.

As the supply from the local production dwindled, the company ceased operation in 1939. The City of Carrollton purchased the system in 1950 and subsequently installed a 4" pipeline from Carrollton connecting to the interstate Texas Gas Transmission Corporation pipeline approximately 7 miles west of town. This new and reliable source of gas allowed the city to provide natural gas not only to the residents of Carrollton, but also to new industries which located in the area.

In 1955, the City of Carrollton created the Utility Commission of Carrollton, with 3 Commissioners responsible for conducting the business of the gas utility. The operation of the water and sewer sytems were later added to the Commissions' responsibilities.