Bourbon Spill Responsible for Killing Fish in Kentucky River

Bourbon Spill Responsible for Fish Kill In Kentucky River But Carrollton Drinking Water Unaffected

The Carrollton Utilities water treatment plant is located a few blocks from the Ohio and Kentucky Rivers.    However, the water plant doesn't take water from the rivers and is unaffected when spills occur upstream like the one that occurred in Bardstown.  Carrollton Utilities decided many years ago it favored well-water over river water.  The groundwater that lays roughly 60-80 feet below the ground surface in the Carrollton area.   While the river doesn't impact the Carrollton wellfield, it is important to protect groundwater from other threats such as household chemicals and other wastes. Please do your part by taking advantage of the many recycling and disposal options available.  Please call our office if you are unsure about what to do with your household wastes.