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About Your Wastewater

Carrollton Utilities sewer service is available for residential, commercial and industrial customers in the cities of Carrollton, Prestonville, Worthville, Ghent, Campbellsburg, Sanders, Sparta, and Glencoe. Sewage charges are based on your water usage.

Utility bills are issued around the 10th of each month with a due date of the 20th. We require an application and security deposit for any new service requests. To establish service you must visit our office with a picture ID and payment for the security deposit as required in our rules and regulations.


Carrollton Utilities has sewer service available in areas not served by our water system such as Sparta, Ghent, Campbellsburg, Sanders, Glencoe, Worthville and other areas directly outside the city limits of Carrollton. Those sewer customers need to contact our office as well as their water district office to establish service, discontinue service and other changes that may affect the billing of sewer charges. New structures must contact Carrollton Utilities for inspection of the cleanout and connection to the main by calling 502-732-7055 during normal business hours.